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I am a Breathe Carolina blog i mostly only post breathe carolina

Disclaimer: If the shit I post doesn't have my URL on it it's not my gif.

"this is happening, we are savages"
Title: Down (Split)
Artist: Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne/Breathe Carolina

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Down - Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne/Breathe Carolina; The left ear is the official studio version by Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne, while the right ear is the official studio cover by Breathe Carolina.

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also, even though i havent been making any gifs recently i wont be making any for another while. my laptop has broken and no one else will allow me to use theirs let alone download softwares. no one probably cares but making gifs would motivate me to use this blog more often so because i wont be making any i might not use this account for longer periods of time. ill try my best so please try to stay!